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Pimples seem to have the annoying ability to spawn wherever and whenever you don't want them. Having a pimple up your nose can be annoying, painful and sometimes impairing your ability to breath. If you have a pimple inside the nose which you cannot see then the best advice is to just leave it, pimples which are left alone eventually disappear on their own accord. But if the pimple is quite noticeable and near the entrance of the nose you might want to consider removing the pimple carefully. The reason you have to be careful is when extracting or popping pimples inside the nose is because they tend to bleed a lot, the nose has a lot of blood vessels in and surrounding it so the less damage done to the skin the better.

There are a few ways to pop the pimple safely which will led to less or no scaring and using a needle is one of them. The first step is to sterilize the needle so no infection can be spread. Once the needle is clean you need to get a towel or cloth and dip one corner into a bowl of warm water. Now press that wet corner over the pimple for about a minute or until you think the pimple has softened up. Once the pimple is soft you can very gently try to prick a small hole in the center on the pimple, do not press too hard as you may go too deep and cut yourself. Now that a hole has formed you need to get the eye of the needle which is the opposite end to the sharp end and rub it over the pimples head. The contents of the pimple should start to come out now, if it doesn't come out start the process again. Reasons for it not working the first time might be that the pimple was not soft enough or that the needle didn't pierce a deep enough hole. Once the puss is out of the pimple you need to use some tree tea oil or something similar onto the area to stop further infection. The scaring should be minimal because the hole we created was as small as a pin prick.

Another option if you want to invest into it would be to use a blackhead extractor, these are designed extract the pimple painlessly and leaving no scars.

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How to Get Rid of Pimples Inside the Nose

Pimple Extractor