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If you are going to have a facial in a salon, part of the process for those who have acne is the painful extraction of the pus that fill most pimples. If you are just doing home treatment, though, it is never safe to pop a pimple. There is always the danger of spreading the bacteria that's causing the infection, therefore causing more outbreaks. It is best to let pimples heal by themselves so as to avoid the ugly scars that result from popping them.

However, if the infection is getting out of hand, you cannot just let it go unchecked. But you have to do the process correctly to make the popping beneficial and heal quicker.

It is best to pop a pimple at night. This is because you're already going to bed and the rest will give your skin ample time to recover. You should also pop acne only when it is ready. Clean the area around it using a skin toner or astringent and prick the top of pimples with a needle or safety pin. You can boil the pin or needle in water or submerge it in alcohol to sterilize it. The tiny tip of the needle or safety pin is best for letting out pus easily without having to dig too deep into the skin.

Once you have made a hole on top of the blemish, wrap your fingertips with a clean tissue and squeeze the pimple from its sides. Press downwards to drive out as much pus as possible. After all the pus is out, stop squeezing. A sign that you have overdone it is when the acne starts to bleed. You should then wash your face and apply some ice on the area to prevent swelling.

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How to Pop a Pimple Safely