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The "Big Boys" in the cosmetic industry are raking it in as in desperation to rid ourselves of these awful conditions we continue to fork out our hard earned cash with which they line their pockets.

There is a far more effective way to rid ourselves of these irritating skin infections and it has been under our noses all the time.

What is it? Well it's Propolis. OK so what is Propolis?

Propolis is the most potent natural form of antibiotics there is. Mix this with Manuka Honey and you have found your magic ingredients.

Use the real stuff, I recommend 1000mg strength Propolis capsules 3 - 4 times a day with at least two spoonfuls of Manuka Honey to eat.

What Kind of Manuka Honey?

It has to have a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) of at the very minimum 16+ but higher is better. It isn't cheap but it works and that's what we all want at the end of the day. It is far cheaper than the latest chemical cream or lotion which can often cost a fortune.

Along with the benefits of eating your honey which does taste a bit antiseptic on account of coming from a Tea Tree Oil type plant, you should treat yourself to a face mask with it once a day.

Smother it all over your skin infections on slightly damp skin, this activates the special enzyme it contains which stimulates natural hydrogen peroxide and boy will it get to work in blitzing those zits! Leave it to do its job for at least an hour whilst you put your feet up and dream of looking like a movie star. But don't forget this, Honey you are beautiful anyway.

Some like to sleep with it and that is fine although a little messy. It is advisable to wear some clean cotton pyjamas to save your bedding getting sticky and laying a clean towel on your pillow for the same reason. If you have long hair try to tie it back although if your hair does make contact it will get a good condition in the process.

Can Propolis and Manuka Honey help anything else?

You bet it can. This combination is just as effective at treating excema, cold sores, burns, bed sores; ulcerated wounds and just about any affliction that is requiring a chemical antibiotic pill, potion or pill the doctors love to prescribe.

I am not knocking doctors or members of the medical profession, they do an amazing job and medicine has come a very long way since the days of Hippocrates the father of western medicine and writer of the Hippocratic Oath.

However saying that Dr Peter Molan from New Zealand has spent most of his professional working life proving the effects of Manuka Honey and thankfully many modern day doctors are now sitting up and taking notice of the medical benefits of honey and of course the equally amazing health benefits of honey.

So please give this a go and let's get that horrific figure of millions of sufferers a break and help to make them look and feel as beautiful as they already are. After all Beauty is skin deep.

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Want to Get Rid of Skin Infections, Pimple, Spots, Scars and the Dreaded Acne!